Invest in passionate, creative people with vision and you will get something passionate, creative and visionary! This is the case with Greg and Ela, the bloggers behind Screw It. Let’s Ride! As experienced influencers in the area of long-distance touring in exotic locations on Harley-Davidsons (I.e. – Central America on a Ultra Glide), I thought they’d be a natural fit to introduce our riders and the world to Pan America, Harley-Davidson’s brand new and first Adventure Tourer. Their epic adventure, 11.000km riding parts of the ‘TET’ (Trans European Trail – a network of trails suitable for off-road and adventure cycling) through Scandinavia this fall with the Pan America was a really inspirational test of Harley-Davidson’s newest model. They brought it home and made it up close and personal for our customers at Polish Harley-Davidson dealers. The result was extraordinary with more than a million social media impressions and countless inspired riders engaging with them about technical information and riding feedback on our new bike model. Thank you for your honest dedication to our brand and proving that Pan America is among the best Adventure touring bikes in the world and spreading the word about these bikes!

Ross Chambers, District Manager at Harley-Davidson Motor Company